massage packages

intro package

"Feel the Possibilities"

Designed for those interested in bodywork and how it can improve their posture, increase energy and improve mobility in their bodies. Come in for 3 sessions and learn about how professional sports massage can help you feel younger, address dysfunctional movement patterns, release tight troublesome muscles, and restore a new sense of well being in your body.

deep tissue maintenance package

“Stress Reliever Package”

10 sessions designed specifically to address your lifestyle needs. Keep your body in tune and manage stress and life in a healthy efficient manner. These sessions are designed to keep your body running smoothly and catching issues before they become problematic and create injuries. Geared for those who need to de-stress from work, individuals who are looking to manage their stress and preventative and rejuvenate.

warrior spirit package

“Feel and move like an athlete”

Structured atmosphere that accommodates both professional athlete and non-athletes. A specific set of 10 sessions that are determined by your bodies needs. We discover the areas that need specific attention and use a combination of soft tissue techniques to achieve optimal performance level for you. We combine several modalities from Myofascial Release, Active Release Technique® Structural Integration, Neuromuscular Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage to help bring your body into balance. Our mission is the help our clients discover their inner warrior strength. You will feel refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated and confident to unleash your warrior spirit.

Available with Senior Therapist Jodi Mainwaring, CMT

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